Month A

A themed seminar is presented by a graduate student during month A. This seminar should conclude with natural product structures that fit the theme (chosen by the graduate student presenter). Refer to Themed Seminar Topics to explore possible categories. 

Each meeting (both month A and month B) will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm in the Gauss Haus rm 1462.




Themed Topic

10 July 2019

Matt Nelli

11 September 2019

Lori Digal

13 November 2019

Kendall Heitmeier

8 January 2020

Mark Mahoney

8 March 2020

Matt Nelli

8 July 2020

Tim McFadden

9 September 2020

Jordan Liles

11 November 2020

Ellie Peters

10 March 2021

Kendall Heitmeier

12 May 2021

Adam Pancoast

14 July 2021

John Kim