Month B

A collection of short presentations by student volunteers. These volunteers have prepared retrosynthetic analyses, proposed methods for development, and/or proposed total synthesis routes.


minimal contribution (these contributions should address related and inspirational studies):

a. a retrosynthetic analysis that addresses a key themed motif and/or (10 min presentation)

b. a proposed method for development to access a key themed motif (10 min presentation)


major contribution (these contributions should address related and inspirational studies):

c. a retrosynthetic analysis and complete proposed total synthesis (10 – 20 min presentation)  


Send month B presentations to the graduate student moderator (Matt Nelli; The graduate student moderator will organize the volunteer presentations for month B. 

Each meeting (both month A and month B) will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm in the Gauss Haus rm 1462.



Month A Topic

Themed Natural Products for Month B

14 August 2019

spirocycles: all-carbon

9 October 2019



11 December 2019

strained systems:

bridgehead olefins

12 February 2020



10 June 2020

12 August 2020

strained systems:


14 October 2020

14 April 2021

strained systems:


9 June 2021

natural product classes:

highly oxidized diterpenes

11 August 2021

4-amino sugars